Investment Markets Overviw – w/e 18 May 2012

If we thought that last week was “trouble,”” this week could be described as “worrying.” As expected, the Greek president failed to cobble together a coalition government from the fractured political parties, hence the country will hold a second election, muted to be in mid-June, leaving uncertainty in the air. Meanwhile, credit rating agency, Moody’s, downgraded 26 Italian and 16 Spanish banks. G8 leaders, well seven plus the Russian “alternate” President, Dmitry Medvedev (as Vladimir Putin   was to busy to attend,) met up at Camp David, vowing that “Greece must keep the Euro and the G8 would do everything in their power to achieve this,” without of course saying how this could be achieved, excepting of course with the provision of yet more debt creation.

US economic statistics announced this week ……

Euro-Zone economic data released this week ….

Out East, Japan’s …..

The $US index …..

Economic data due out next week includes the latest CPI  . .

+ A list of 15 Indices is available on the full Newsletter with 11 columns of price detail information for accurate analysis

“Anticipation and planning avoids Panics”

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