Investment Markets Overview – w/e 25 May 2012

A new word entered the financial media this week, “Grexit,” allegedly meaning, “Germany ready to boot Greece out of the Euro.” Whatever the actual meaning Greece has remained in the Euro bloc for another week and after the 18themergency EU summit” within the past two years, held this week, policymakers appear to be no nearer a solution to the continent’s woes. If anything the situation is going from bad to worse, as the recent cracks to the German/French axis widened and the economic situation in Spain, particularly the banking system, is haemorrhaging, as evidenced by the decision to pump a further Euro 19BN of Spanish taxpayers money into Bankia, following the initial 4.5BN of only two weeks ago and adding credence to estimates for a capital shortfall of $US 250BN for Spain’s faltering banking system.

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  • US economic statistics included April home sales . . .  

  • Euro-Zone economic data included advance consumer confidence readings for May, . . . . 

  • Out East, Japan posted a larger than expected trade deficit in April, . . .

  • The $US index . . .

  • For the commodities complex it was another down week  . . .
  • Economic data due out for a holiday shortened US trading week includes the latest on housing, May unemployment and non farm payrolls and a second look at Q112 GDP . . .
  • Charts:-
    1. Indices Weekly
    2. Durable Goods
    3. UK Retail Sales
    4. HK Short Selling
    5. Crude Oil Inventories: Current vs Average (Since 1984)
  • Table of 15 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis


A home without equity is just a rental with debt


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