Investment Markets Overview – w/e 6 July 2012

Central banks went on the offensive against a slowing world economy this week, as within a 45 minute span on Thursday, the ECB and the People’s Bank of China cut their benchmark borrowing costs, whilst the Bank of England ramped up their, “asset-purchase program,” better known as quantative easing, by a further £50BN, bringing the total QE to date to £375BN. All this just two weeks after the Federal Reserve expanded its “Operation Twist” programme. Elsewhere,Kenya’s central bank cut rates for the first time in 18 months andDenmark’s its main borrowing cost to record lows. Rate cuts in June included the CB’s ofAustralia, the CzechRepublic, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Israel, whilst the Swiss National Bank kept buying Euros in an ongoing effort to stem the franc from rising.

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    • US economic statistics released this week  . . .
    • Euro-Zone retail sales for May  . . . .
    • Out East Japan’s vehicle sales  . .
    • Other factors persuading the Chinese authorities  . .
    • The $US index gained   . .
    • For the commodities complex it was another volatile week . . . 
    • The price of corn shot up by . . . 
    • Economic data due next week . . . 
    • Returning to the Central Bank activity . . .
  • Charts:-
    1. Indices Weekly
    2. S&P500 vs US Initial Jobless Claims . . .
    3. Spain vs Italy 10 Year Bond Yield 
    4. China CPI vs China Food Price
    5. US Central Spot $Corn Price
  • Table of 15 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

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