Investment Markets Overview – w/e 13 July 2012

It has been another eventful and interesting week, including further evidence of China’s slowdown, Italy downgraded another two notches by Moodys to just above “junk status,” and JP Morgan having to re-state earnings as its latest derivatives loss increased to $5.8BN from the original $2BN stated. As the “Libor scandal” widened there isn’t a politician, central banker, regulator or indeed any member of the financial media who hasn’t expressed outrage at the ”blatent manipulation,” by the banks involved. Isn’t it strange, however, that there has been very little comment, if any, on the equally, in fact far larger, ”Gross manipulation,” undertaken by the Central Banks,” and in particular the Fed, the Bank of England and the ECB, through their QE, LTRO and Operation Twist programmes, which have impoverished millions of the prudent who live on fixed incomes and will hurt many millions more when the interest rate cycle moves higher.

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    • US economic statistics released this week were mixed . . .
    • Euro-Zone economic data was light this week . . . .
    • Out East Japanese bankruptcies fell by . . .
    • Imports and exports have been falling in China . .
    • The $US index eased by . . .
    • For the commodities complex $Oil gained . . .
    • There are a few points of interest to note . . .
    • Economic data due next week . . .
  • Charts:-
    1. Indices Weekly
    2. US Trade Balance vs $US Index . . .
    3. UK RICS LHS vs UK GDP
    4. China Exports/Imports/Trade Balance
    5. $US Gold Price/US Goldmines Index
  • Table of 15 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

We should share our similarities and celebrate our differences

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