Investment Markets Overview – w/e 5 Oct 2012

 In a further sign of political ineptness, the UK government, mired in recession with economic growth still very dependent on consumption, this week introduced two major policies guaranteed to compound its problems. First up is the introduction of a compulsory pension scheme for the private sector, which will see a further cost on either the employer or more likely the employee who will have the contribution deducted from their salary. Next up is an increase in the minimum wage at a time that many would gladly work for any wage. Meanwhile, the equally clueless shadow chancellor, Ed Balls, appears to have learnt nothing from the Labour party’s reckless running of the UK economy, by announcing that he would use the “prospective £3-4BN” anticipated from G4 spectrum sales to subsidise the housing market rather than paying down the country’s enormous debt.   

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    • US economic statistics released this week included  . . . .

    • Euro-Zone PPI ticked higher in August,  . . . .

    • UK consumer credit in August contracted by    . . .

    • Out East, Japan’s Q312 Tankan survey   . . .

    • The $US index fell by  . . . 

    • Within the commodities complex, , . . .

    • Economic data due next week  . . .

    • President Obama and republican challenger, Mick Romney, held their first of three televised debates . .

    • Charts:-
      1. Indices Weekly
      2. US Manufacturers New Orders . . .
      3. UK New Car Registrations vs UK Consumer Credit
      4. OZ Interest rates vs OZ New Home Sales
      5. US Unemployment Rate vs US U-6 Unemployment Rate

Table of 15 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful

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which includes full text and detailed Charts for each section


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