Investment Markets Overview – w/e 19 Oct 2012

European leaders held yet another meeting this week, devoted to fighting the Euro-Area debt crisis, now in its third year. With apparently no discussion this time on Spain, feeling that they had bought sufficient time via the recent “Draghi effect,” the main focus at this meeting has been towards a pan Euro-Area bank supervisor, set to be the ECB. The French President said he wished to see it in place by year end but the consensus appears to be that whilst they may agree to the framework by year end it will be some time in the future before it actually sees the light of day. Of particular interest was a clause stating that, “the practical completion of the banking supervision must be finished before any direct recapitalisation of any of the Zone’s 6000 lenders can be considered.” Meanwhile, non-performing loans within the Spanish banking system has jumped to an eye-watering 10.5%, whilst in the UK, Barclays Bank has set aside a further £700m against mis-sold products and The Royal Bank of Scotland (or should we say the British tax-payer) has been fined £45m by the regulator for mortgage wrong doings.

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  • US economic statistics released this week included  . . . .
  • Friday the 19th October marked the anniversary of the 1987 market crash . . .
  • Euro-Zone economic data included September CPI . . . . 
  • UK CPI for September was as forecast . . .
  • Out East, Japan’s capacity utilisation contracted . . .
  • Adding to the positive news for China . . . 
  • The $US index was little changed . . . 
  • Within the commodities complex, , . . .
  • Economic data due next week . . .
  • Charts:- 
  1. Indices Weekly
  2. Debt-to-GDP Ratio Likely to Wegh on Growth
  3. UK Unemployment Rate vs US Unemployment Rate
  4. Chine Retail Sales vs China GDP YOY
  5. Dow Jones Industrial Average 

Table of 15 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

“History repeats itself whilst Historians repeat each other”

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