Investment Markets Overview – w/e 26 Oct 2012

Insider dealing” and “Fairness” were two terms that come to mind this week, on both sides of the Atlantic. First up was the apparent “gaff” by British Prime Minister, David Cameron, in respect of the impending Q312 GDP figures due for release. During a heated debate with parliamentarians on the economy, one day ahead of the release, the PM stated, I can tell you, “the good news will keep on coming,” suggested by some as being a leak of sensitive embargoed economic data, strictly against the law. Whether intentional or not, it has created questions over politicians’ access to sensitive market information ahead of everyone else, saying it’s not fair. Cameron’s questionable inference came a day after Reuters reported that the French PM, Jean-Marc Ayrault, revealed market moving information on the European aerospace giant EADS.


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  • US economic statistics released this week included  . . . .
  • Euro-Zone economic data included the 2011 year end Debt/GDP level, which has . . . .
  • UK economic data was light this week but . . .
  • Out East, Japan’s CPI data for September . . .
  • Elsewhere, Singapore’s CPI rate jumped to . . .
  • The $US index gained . . . 
  • Within the commodities complex, , . . .
  • Forecasters say that in Q412 global output of Oil will  . . .
  • Charts:-
    1. Indices Weekly
    2. Falling US GDP vs Rising US Statutory Debt Limit
    3. Unemployment Rate (Euro)
    4. Japanese Exports vs Japanese Exports to EU
    5. Crude Oli Inventories:Current vs Av’ge (Since 1984)

Table of 15 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

Fairness and Integrity should be aligned

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