Investment Markets Overview – w/e 2 Nov 2012

Super storm Sandy, the 10th hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic season, smashed into the US East Coast this week, after leaving a trail of devastation within the Caribbean and killing dozens there. Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, as measured by its diameter, with winds spanning 1100 miles and affecting at least 24 states from Maine to Florida, with New York and New Jersey particularly hurt as a coincidental high tide created a storm surge which saw the flooding of streets, tunnels and subway lines, with millions of residents losing electrical power. From a humane context, at least 100 lives have been lost and our thoughts are with the families of the lost ones. Whilst we hate to comment on the financial implications, but finance is after all the purpose of this service, it is patently far too early to provide accurate figures. Initial estimates are putting the cost at $US 20 BN but forecasting firm Eqecat are putting the total damage at $50BN, making Sandy second only to hurricane Katrina. The New York Stock Exchange had its first one day closure due to weather in 27 years, when Hurricane Gloria forced a market shut down in September 1985, and its first two day closure since the blizzard of 1888, 124 years ago.

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  • US economic statistics released this week kicked off with  . . . .
  • Euro-Zone consumer confidence was forecast at . . . .
  • We thought that it might be of interest to compare UK commercial property to residential . . .
  • Out East, Japan’s jobless rate for September  . . .
  • Elsewhere, the Hong Kong Government are following  . . .
  • The $US index gained . . . 
  • Within the commodities complex, the Oil price  . . .
  • One look at the price of $Silver and $Copper . . . 


  1. Indices Weekly
  2. % of Companies Beating Revenue Estimates by Quarter: 2000-Present
  3. UK nominal property values
  4. China GDP YoY vs China CPI YoY
  5. $US Silver Price vs $US Copper Price

Table of 15 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

“Usefulness Depends on the Character of the User”

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