Investment Markets Overview – w/e 9 Nov 2012

The 2012 US Presidential election appeared to be a nail-biter right up to the wire but in the end it came down to two facts. The debtors, led by Obama, wish to maintain entitlement spending and see QE-infinity continuing until the debt bubble collapses, whilst the creditors, led by Romney, wanted to retain the real value of their wealth via restrained spending, including entitlement spending. Secondly, Hispanics have been the fastest growing segment of the population and they, along with other immigrant communities do not like the Republicans stance on illegal immigration. According to “The Centre for Responsive Politics in Washington,” at $US 6BN this election was the costliest ever, with it costing 120 times more than the 2010 UK general election and almost the same as the annual GDP of Nicaragua. As for what that sum achieved, there was a Democratic president, a Republican House of representatives and a Democratic Senate going into the 2012 election and you now have exactly the same coming out of it.

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  • US economic statistics released this week  . . .
  • Euro-Zone PMI readings were forecast  . . .
  • The “powerhouse,” of Europe, Germany announced  . . .
  • Out East, Japan’s machinery orders for September . . .
  • Elsewhere, the OZ Central Bank revised its forecast 2013 GDP to  . . .
  • The $US index gained . . . 
  • Within the commodities complex, Oil and the precious metals , . . .
  • Economic data due next week includes the latest  . . .
  • Charts:-
    1. Indices Weekly
    2. Dow/Gold vs US Consumer Confidence
    3. German Industrial Production vs German GDP
    4. Real Hosehold Consumption YoY vs Real Car Sales YoY
    5. % Change in 10-Year Bond Yield – Jan to Nov


Table of 15 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

“Change before you are forced to”

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