Investment Markets Overview – w/e 14 Dec 2012

In recession mired Italy, Prime Minister, Super Mario, announced that he would be stepping down (after former Premier Silvio Berlusconi withdrew his party’s support of Monti’s unelected technocratic government and pledged to topple him. A poll by the SWG institute shows a former communist, Pier luigi Bersani, now head of the Democratic Party on 30.3%, followed by the 5-Star Movement of comic, Beppe Grillo, with 19.7% with Berlusconi’s Pdl bringing up the rear, at 13.8% of the vote. The “dark horse,” however is the separatist party, the Northern League, who would make life difficult for any future government to continue the reform agenda. Either way, with Italy having the 3rd largest debt in the world and a Debt/GDP at 130%, the Italian financial markets are getting the jitters because everyone was betting on the Monti plan and Monti.



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“The industry has done many things wrong. It is important to remember that many ordinary bankers have always sought to provide good service to their customers; but we must also recognise that there have been too many who have profoundly damaged the industry’s reputation”

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