Investment Markets Overview – w/e 04 Jan 2013

Welcome back from what we hope was a restful and relaxing festive season.

We ended our lead paragraph for 2012 with the sentence, “It’s called, “entitlements,” and “fairness,” so just remember this as taxes and interest rates soar next year,” due to policymakers response to the ongoing Global debt crisis. The first week of 2013 saw evidence of this as US politicians announced a bevy of tax increases that will hit 77% of American households, according to the Tax Policy Centre, yet add more than $4 Trillion to the federal deficit over the next decade, as the “fiscal cliff deal” postpones almost all of the “agreed” spending cuts that were due to transpire at year end 2012. Actually, the spending-cut part has only been delayed by two months and even this time frame may be optimistic as the markets focus on the US debt ceiling of US$16.4Trillion. As for the interest rate “prediction” kindly observe this week’s fixed interest section.


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    2. US Employment as a % of US Population
    3. European Austerity Measures
    4. China NPL’s in YBN vs China NPL Ratio
    5. 10 Year Yld – UK vs US vs E-Z

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