Investment Markets Overview – w/e 11 Jan 2013

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, a global banking regulator which represents 27 Nations, agreed in 2010 to require banks to hold more capital, known as Basel 3, following the systemic crisis that gathered pace after the collapse of Northern Rock and Lehman Brothers in 2008. The new agreement, which runs to 509 pages versus the original 30 page document from Basel back in 1988, required banks to hold more capital so that they could survive a 30-day crisis by retaining a minimum amount of cash and liquid or easy-to-sell assets as an insurance against a mass withdrawal of deposits. These tougher requirements were due to come into force in early 2013, but after substantial lobbying from the banking industry, will not commence until January 2015 and even then start at 60% of the original requirements and not come fully up to the original aim until 2019.


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  • US small business optimism . . .

  • Euro-Zone   . . .

  • For the UK . . .

  • Out East   . . .

  • Elsewhere   . . .

  • The $US index  . . .

  • Within the commodities complex  . . .

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  • Looking deeper at the Basel 3 Rules “fudge,”  . . .

  • Charts:-
    1. Indices Weekly
    2. Total US Imports vs US Trade Deficit
    3. General Government Debt – Euros
    4. General Government Gross Debt – Japan vs G7 + Forecast
    5. $US Crude Oil vs $US Copper + US GDP

Table of 15 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

“Just who regulates the Regulators?”

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