Investment Markets Overview – w/e 15 Feb 2013

The currency markets were a little confused this week, and who can blame them. Finance ministers and their central bank minders of the G7 released a policy statement on Tuesday in an effort to calm the markets in respect of currency manipulation and in particular Japan’s recent activity in respect of the Yen. The joint communiqué suggested a united stance on Japan, no worries, only to see contradictory interpretations from various officials within hours of its release. The G20 meet up in Moscow this weekend, which of course includes the G7 bunch, with the conflab entitled,” Fostering Economic Growth and Sustainability,” but it has already been overtaken by concerns over “currency wars.The “inadvertent devaluations” by the US, the UK and the EU via their QE and LTRO policies, which are effectively efforts to stimulate inflation by debauching their currencies whilst attempting to manipulate interest rates, have been conveniently forgotten by policymakers of the Big 3, as they have rushed to defend “free markets, absent of government intervention. More confusion to come, I fear, from the G20 as well.


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    3. UK Retail Sales M on M vs UK Retail Sales Y on Y
    4. Japan GDP vs Japanese Consumer Confidence + Yen Spot
    5. $Gold Price Perf vs $Silver Price Perf vs US Gold-Mines Perf

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Whatever way it is presented, a con trick is still a con trick

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