Investment Markets Overview – w/e 12 April 2013

It was a BIG week for Gold and in its function as alternative money. The metal’s price fell by $100 over the week or 6.3% and collapsed below the important $1527oz technical support level, which has held since September 2011. Whilst there are numerous “conspiracy theorist” commentaries evident within online blogs and “analytical” sites, which suggest political and/or central bank intervention to contain the gold price, the thinking being that a rising price suggests impending chaos for the financial markets, our take is contrary. More likely it confirms that “inflation” investments, of which gold is one, are falling apart, which includes the price of Silver, Copper, Oil and Gas. Central Bankers and their political masters have spent the past four years, throwing everything including the kitchen sink, in an effort to try to kick-start inflation, particularly via the barmy idea of quantitative easing and other derivatives of it, hence the last thing that they wish to see is a very loud hint that “deflation” a la 2007/08 is returning. As for gold’s function as alternative money, it’s also been an instructive week in respect of “Bitcoin,” the first completely decentralised digital, or virtual currency, which offers an anonymous alternative to centrally controlled “fiat money.” More on Bitcoin below.


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    1. Indices Weekly
    2. US Adv Retail Sales M on M vs Univ of Mich Consumer Conf’ce
    3. UK Trade Bal vs UK Trade Bal with EU 27
    4. China Exports Annualised vs Chinese Renminby Spot
    5. Gold Price

Table of 15 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

                                         “There are politicians and Political Leaders, sadly to few of the latter


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