Investment Markets Overview – w/e 19 April 2013

The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ met up this week in Washington D.C on the eve of the IMF and World Bank Spring meeting’s. Officially the G20 agenda includes the outlook on the global economy, implementation of the G20 Framework for Strong Sustainable and Balanced Growth and further implementation of the International Financial Architecture reform and progress review on some issues of the financial regulation agenda. Now that we are all clear on that we can recollect that the Presedency this year is held by Russia, who set three main objectives for the year, including,” Growth through trust and transparency,” a contradiction in respect of the current Russia if ever there was one. High on the agenda was an affirmation to a commitment to avoid weakening their currencies to gain a trade advantage, which no doubt brought a smile to the faces of the Japanese contingent. They were united, however, to edge away from government austerity, rejecting the idea of setting hard targets for reducing national debt Meanwhile, the IMF issued yet another downgrade for global economic growth, within months of issuing the last one.


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