Investment Markets Overview – w/e 2 Aug 2013

As US second quarter GDP, the value of all goods and services produced, surprised on the upside, the Fed left rates on hold and left the door open to start reducing its stimulus programmes without actually providing any definitive date for fear of spooking the markets, as was seen in late May and into June of this year. However, the persistent rise in long-dated treasury yields is a contradiction to the Fed’s stated aim of keeping long term interest rates low and confirms, once again, that it’s the market that controls interest rates, not a Central Bank. The 10-year US Treasury yield has now jumped by 95% over a one year period, but the herd appear as yet to have not noticed or to have ignored the fact.


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    1. Indices Weekly
    2. US Non-Farm Payrolls vs US Core PCE Deflator Y on Y
    3. UK Average House Price vs UK Loans on Dwellings
    4. Japan Unemployment Rate vs Japan Retail Sales Inverted
    5. WTI Crude vs Copper Price + $Gold vs $Silver


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  “Illusion can be a pleasure at first”


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