Investment Markets Overview – w/e 6 December 2013

UK Chancellor, George “you can call me Jeffrey” Osborne, tried not to look too smug this week as he announced that UK plc was now growing faster than any other advanced economy, reminding MPs that the Government had “held their nerve” and reported evidence that shows “our economic plan is working.”  This “evidence” came in the guise of the latest Office for Budget Responsibility, or OBR, an entity set up to report on the important economic stats as no one believed the government figures anymore. Regardless, the OBR now forecasts that the British economy will grow by 1.4% this year, more than double the level it expected only in March of this year, and 2.4% for 2014. The OBR “March forecast” was at 0.6% for this year, itself just half of its prediction of three months earlier. Call me a cynic if you must but these figures should be treated with a very large pinch of salt, albeit that the OBR made one interesting observation of concern, “that higher-than-expected growth this year has been fuelled by consumer spending and rising house prices, rather than business investment and trade,” which sounds rather reminiscent of pre-2007.



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  • Returning to those improving GDP figures for the UK and for the US, we pointed out last week that it’s the record £1.43 Trillion of personal debt that has been driving the UK, whilst this week’s US consumer credit numbers . . . .


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