Investment Markets Overview – w/e 13 Dec 2013

The ghost of Bernie Madoff rose once more this week, in the guise of a CNBC report that says the fraudster claims to have helped US federal regulators over JP Morgan’s alleged role in the largest ponzi – scheme in history. In 2009 Madoff admitted that for years, rather than executing trades for his clients, he had funnelled their money into a single Chase bank account and has subsequently stated that JPM, who was Madoff’s primary banker for decades, had to know about his fraud. Whilst J P Morgan Chase & Co, as they are now known, deny the allegations of turning a blind eye to the activities of a major depositor and of selling structured products based on Madoff’s purported returns, even though it was in a position to know the returns were suspicious, they are apparently in talks with the US authorities on a $US 2BN settlement over its alleged role. Meanwhile, the trustee for the Madoff liquidation, Irving Picard, sued the bank for $19 billion, claiming it was “at the very centre of the fraud, and thoroughly complicit in it.”


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