Investment Markets Overview – w/e 3 Jan 2014

2013 investment returns turned out to be very mixed, to put it mildly. Whilst the US major stock-indices provided their best annual performance since 1995, with the S&P 500 higher by a near 30%, $Gold slumped by 28%, its first annual decline since 2000 and its worst annual fall in 32 years, 1981. The Nikkei 225 stock-index soared by 57%, its largest annual gain in four decades as the Yen slumped to its weakest in 5 years, whilst Corn headed for its biggest annual drop since 1960 and wheat prices tumbled by the most in five years. Average house prices within the US and the UK enjoyed returns of 13.6% and 8.4% respectively, their best annual returns since 2006, despite the “mortgage related” bond yields of each country soaring by 72% and 65% and the US 15 year+ Treasury futures slumping by 13%, its worst performance since 2008. Outgoing Fed Chief, Bernanke, went out of his way to deny the existence of any market bubbles despite the Federal Reserve’s own balance sheet inflating by 500% over the past five years and is now leveraged by an eye-watering 72 times. More below on an enlightening year.  


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  3. Nationwide UK House Index Y on Y vs UK Mortgage Approvals
  4. Singapore Electronic Exports vs Singapore GDP
  5. Commodity 1 Week Moves
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“When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results”      …Warren Buffett

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