Investment Markets Overview – w/e 10 Jan 2014

Janet L. Yellen was confirmed as the next Chair of the Federal Reserve by the US Senate this week, with Senators voting 56 to 26, the slimmest margin of Senate approval for a Fed chairperson in the central bank’s 100-year history.  Outgoing chairman Bernanke managed 70 yes votes to 30 no votes for his second term confirmation in 2010, but in fairness to Ms Yellen inclement weather will have kept many away from the Capitol this week. Either way, as her destiny as the first female head is confirmed, the Bank of Israel also appointed its first female boss, Karnit Flug, as its outgoing Governor, Stanley Fischer, was nominated by US President Obama to be Janet’s vice-chair, with Obama adding, “he brings decades of leadership and expertise from various roles, including serving at the International Monetary Fund and is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading and most experienced economic policy minds.” Fisher, aged 70 against Yellen’s 72, will also be nominated as the governor of the Fed’s New York region for a six-year term and we are interested to note that whilst a professor at the MIT, one of America’s leading economics departments, Fischer personally trained both Bernanke and the ECB head, Mario Draghi.Hmmm.  


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“Let us hope that the teacher is wiser than the pupil” 

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