Investment Markets Overview — Week Ending 18th July 2014

It’s becoming a bore commenting on the World’s leading Central Bankers, but as they are publically jaw-boning on an almost daily basis now, particularly on “policy guidance” and other such nonsense, together with the irrefutable sway that they appear to hold on the investment community, we will continue to interpret their machinations in an honest and frank manner. The bosses of the Fed, the Bank of England and the ECB were all on parade this week, appearing before their respective “political controllers.” First up was the comely Queen Yellen who had back to back testimonies in front of the Senate Banking Committee, where she raised concerns over smaller company stock valuations, having been oblivious to any “bubbles” just a short week earlier. Share prices of some the largest employers within the US duly tanked on the statement. The following day, appearing before the House Financial Services Committee, she said,” asset values aren’t out of line with norms and my general assessment at this point is that threats to financial stability are at a moderate level and not a very high level.” Clear as mud then, but at least stocks managed to recoup some of the losses. Meanwhile, Mario “I’ll do whatever it takes” Draghi, testifying before the European Parliament, announced a plan to become more “Fed-like,” by way of publicised minutes of meetings, which although in theory should provide greater transparency, will likely further politicise the 24 members of the ECB’s governing council, who all remain tied to their own member states. Finally, charmer Carney, appearing before the UK’s Treasury Committee, explained that the curbs on the housing market were introduced not because people would be unable to pay those loans, but to head off the impact of such high household indebtedness on the economy. This from the former Governor of Canada’s central bank, who presided over a jump from 142% to 163% debt to disposable income between February 2008 and June 2013 whilst there.

18 July 14

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The financial newswires were unanimous in their rationale for the increased market volatility witnessed this week and for Thursday’s market sell-off …..

1.Indices Weekly
2.US Housing Starts V Prices V Confidence
3.UK Real Wage Growth
4.Singapore GDP V Electronic Exports
5.Commodity 1 Week Moves


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