Investmentment Markets Overview — W/E 1st August 2014

The Governor of the Bank of England announced plans that would see rule-breaking bankers return bonuses up to seven years after receiving them, even if the said bankers have spent them, saying that bank misconduct had been “reprehensible” and “bordering on criminality.” Earlier this year, Charmer Carney, hinted that this plan is to ensure bad practice is not rewarded, going onto say that it would apply, “if senior staffs are found to have taken risks that were not fully understood and if there are conduct issues.” Whilst few will criticise the rhetoric, it’s a bit rich coming from the likes of the Central Banks, who have run a coach and horses through so called free-markets and impoverished a generation of savers and the elderly, not to mention the implicit encouragement to usually risk adverse savers’ into what will be seen to be the most risky of asset classes. Furthermore, if he really wishes to reverse the culture of “rewarding failure,” he could start with his predecessor, Mervyn King, rewarded handsomely for consistently missing his main objectives, stable prices, financial stability and confidence in the currency ; Hector Sants, the chief UK regulator who totally missed the warning signs of the 2007 market rout and the atrocious banking practices subsequently exposed, who were both knighted for their efforts, and last but not least, the regulator (his name will be spared) in charge of the team which failed over its supervision of Northern Rock yet received a £529,000 golden handshake, in April 2008 for what?

1 August 14

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Global markets, and by that we mean the majority of them, whether they be stocks, bonds, commodities  …..

1.Indices Weekly
2.US Inventories & Average Earnings V GDP
3.EU Exposure to Russia
4.China Loans V the Shanghai Composite
5.Commodity 1 Week Moves


13 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

A Chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

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