Investment Markets Overview — 21st November 2014

No sooner was the ink dry on last weekend’s G20 meeting “communiqué,” citing 1000 collective initiatives to boost global growth by 2%, or $US2 Trillion by 2018, than Japan announced a tip back into recession, defined as two quarters of negative GDP, on which we comment more on below. As for the G20 meeting, held in Brisbane Australasia, the G-20 host Nation had made boosting growth, jobs and infrastructure spending a focus of its presidency. Unfortunately, it was overshadowed by three of the G4 big-boys, the US, the UK and Europe, who preferred to badger Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, over the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, as if it’s been nothing to do with them. Aside of the ongoing expansionary push by the EU to “acquire” former soviet satellites, including Ukraine, one might recall the proposed missile defence system, announced by George W Bush but subsequently overturned by Obama, which sought to park ten missiles on the Russian border with Poland, whilst strengthening military partnerships with countries in eastern Europe. This would be akin to Russia placing military hardware along the border between the US and say Mexico, whilst cultivating relationships with countries such as Cuba and not expecting a response from the US. There was of course, called “the bay of pigs,” a failed military invasion of Cuba, undertaken by a CIA-sponsored paramilitary group in April 1961.Launched from Guatemala, the invading force was defeated within three days by the Cuban armed forces, under the direct command of Prime Minister Fidel Castro, which subsequently strengthened the position of Castro’s administration. Fast forward to today and ironically, Putin’s popularity within Russia is soaring, whilst the economic sanctions appear to be harming the EU as much, if not more, than Russia.

21 Nov 14

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Additional Commentaries:
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Returning to the G-20 plans to boost global growth, particularly via a perceived increase in infrastructure spend …….

1.Indices Weekly
2.US Builder Sentiment V  US Existing Home Sales
3.UK House Prices  V UK House Asking Prices
4.Japan GDP V Japan Private Consumption
5.Commodity 1 Week Moves


13 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

The Biggest Bubble Is in Government and Central Banks

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