Investment Markets Overview — W/E 19th December 2014

Market turbulence continued for a second week, with the main US indices continuing their falls for the initial couple of days, only then to rocket by + 4% around the FOMC meeting and what appears to be blatant market manipulation by way of a $US 200M futures punt within the final minute of trade, allegedly on behalf of the Fed if an article in Zero-Hedge is to be believed. We’ll leave it to you to judge, but other standouts for the week were the Dubai General Stock Index, which fell by a stunning 28% over the week into a low on Wednesday before recouping 15% on Thursday and the Russian ruble, which crashed by a further 20% on Tuesday only gain 10% the following day, after interest rates were yanked higher by 6.5% to 17% and on rumours that China is stepping in to support both the currency and Russia bonds. It is interesting to note Russia’s response to its financial crisis, by way of hiking interest rates, requesting that exporting companies sell hard currencies held, whilst recognising the folly of its central bank in selling reserves such as gold, whilst the US has re-introduced 3% down-payment mortgages, repealed “Dodd-Frank” and delayed the “Volker Rule,” as the New York money centre banks succeeded in their lobbying of Congress and the Fed, which allows highly speculative banks to hold onto billions in private-equity and hedge fund investments for another couple of years. As the FOMC left interest rates on hold, investors’ have apparently become excited over the removal of two words from its press-release,” considerable time,” being replaced with one word,” patient.”

19 Dec 14

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At this week’s Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Group’s Summit, China offered enhanced economic ties with Russia …….

1.Indices Weekly
2. US Housing Starts V US CPI
3.UK CPI V UK Ave Earings
4.Spot Yen & Japanese Exports
5.Commodity 1 Week Moves


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Trade wars begin not out of moral principals, but when one country decides to violate another’s industries

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