Oil Price Collapse…..Why the Surprise?

The Oil price has been making headlines of late as pundits have rushed to explain why the price has slumped, after the event of course, which is really not a lot of use after a 60% loss! Entering your contact detail here  may assist you in avoiding this magnitude of loss whilst providing the opportunity to gain.

Our regular readers will be aware of just why we like charts, because they never lie, whereas fundamental analysis, although useful, is open to conjecture and extrapolation of the past into the future. So, did “our charts” give any clues to the fortunes or otherwise of the Oil price, before the slump?

First up we show the price of West Texas Light Crude Pre-July 2014:

20 Jan 15 Blog1

Our chart model initiates colour- coded signals, which indicate Buy (green), Neutral (white) or Sell (pink) signals, which are supported by other technical observations not shown here. On this daily data chart, which covers the period March 2013 through to the 1st July 2014, you will note the price, at $105 a barrel, is above the moving averages used, a 34-day and 200-day, albeit that the price is testing the support of the 34-day MA.

Kindly note however, the panel changed from Buy to Neutral, a signal change triggered on the 24th June 2014, when Oil was priced at $106, a signal promptly notified by email to subscribers’ within our bespoke service, for them to act on as they saw fit.

 Next up is the updated picture:

20 Jan 15 Blog2

The 26th June Neutral signal changed to Sell on the 7th July, at $104, again duly notified to subscribers, a signal supported shortly afterwards by price falling below the 34-day MA and the 200-day, since when it has remained predominantly within the Sell panel. For subscribers who have the skills and investment freedom to short the Oil price, great short-term trading profits were available, but of more importance is the fact that all subscribers could have avoided losses.

 As a final observation on Oil, kindly note the recent signal change, which by default would have suggested covering shorts and of being alert to perhaps a buy signal emerging.

As a New Year gift, particularly with the increased market volatility of late, we are offering a 3-month subscription to our “Off the Peg,” service, which covers the main stock-indices of the US, UK, Japan, Europe X the UK, Asia X Japan, and $Gold, free of charge to the first 100 lucky applicants.

This investmentimer service is ideal for all kinds of market participants, be they private or professional investors, marketing or broker sales related or by advisors and planners. By simply entering your contact detail here you will receive the next three months “Off the Peg Servicefree of charge, including the 1st January 2015 template.


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