Investment Markets Overview –W/E 30th January 2015

Left met right this week as the Greek election victor, the far left “Syriza” party, led by 40-year old Alexis Tsipras, failed by just two seats to form a majority government, so they have hooked-up with the far right party called “Independent Greeks,” who disagree with just about everything that Syriza stand for, except that is for demanding a change in the terms of Greece’s bail-out and the country’s lost independence to European institutions. Whilst the new government and the troika know that a compromise is necessary in respect of both the “debt-terms” and continued “austerity demands” of Greece, the frailty of human emotions, particularly within the political classes and the likely demands for transparency by the electorate in respect of the horse-trading, will ensure volatile markets for a while yet. Meanwhile, adding to the mix, “Charmer Carney,” the Bank of England Governor, criticised the Euro-Zone’s austerity measures, suggesting that the Euro-area is slipping ever deeper into a debt-trap whilst the UK and the US are “escaping” from theirs’. Quite ironic in that the governor and his US counterpart have presided over policies that have vastly increased the debt-trap whilst boxing the central banks themselves into a very difficult corner on just how they manage to unwind their bloated “reserves,” as is starting to be realised at the Swiss National Bank.

30 Jan 15

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January will certainly go down as a volatile month with investors’ struggling to understand the stream of conflicting economic data released g ……

1. Indices Weekly
2. US GDP M on M V US GDP Y on Y
3. UK Consumer Credit V UK GDP
4. Japan Housing Starts V Japan CPI
5.Commodity YTD  Moves


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