Investment Markets Overview — W/E 20th March 2015

It was always going to be a volatile week for the financial markets, as aside of the omnipresent backdrop of Greece and Ukraine, there was the Fed statement following the two-day FOMC meeting, quadruple witching for futures and options on Friday plus the Vernal equinox, the point when the Sun crosses directly over the Earth’s equator, as well as a total solar eclipse. In the event there was little news on Greece or Ukraine, Aunty Janet at the Fed replaced the word “patient” with the words “reasonably confident,” Fed-speak for “there will be no rate hike until inflation moves back over the 2% level,” a phenomena unlikely anytime soon with US CPI having just gone negative. The word change was sufficient to reverse a 150-point loss for the Dow at the announcement time, to a 400-point jump prior to the day’s close. This and the quadruple witching powered global stocks to their best weekly gain in nearly two years and was also a week providing trend reversals within the currency, bond and commodity markets. As for the solar activity, there is further comment below.

20 March 2015

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Additional Commentaries:
•US economic data . . .
•Euro-Zone . . .
•The UK . . .
•Out East . . .
•The $US index . . .
•Within the commodities complex . . .
•Economic data due next week includes . . .

On the solar front it was a great week for sky-watchers, as the Vernal equinox ……

1.  Indices Weekly
2. US Housing Starts V US Housebuilder Confidence
3. UK Unemployment V UK PSBR
4. China Stocks V New China Stock Accounts
5. Commodity YTD  Moves


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“Cycles are ideal vehicles to Ride.

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