Investment Markets Overview — W/E 27th March 2015

The powder keg called the Middle East took a further turn for the worse this week as Saudi Arabia, the Sunni family run business, decided to bomb the Republic of Yemen, the smaller but strategically important country bordering Saudi and whose divided North and South parts only reunited in 1990.Until recently Yemen was controlled by the allegedly corrupt administration of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, which in turn was bank-rolled by Saudi to keep onside the chosen tribal leaders. Demonstrations commenced in 2011, fuelled by poverty and anti-corruption, not to mention Saleh’s failed attempt to change the country’s constitution to allow him the presidency for life. The situation was further flamed by a Saudi brokered transition to another puppet leader, suitable to both them and to Uncle Sam after which the Shia Houthis tribe, purportedly supported by Shia Iran, are gaining control of the fractured country, hence the air strikes by the Saudi led coalition of 10 Sunni-ruled nations with logistical and intelligence support supplied by the US. Although Yemen is only a small oil producer, the country lies at the heart of some of the most important energy routes, including the strategically important Bab el-Mandeb Strait, one of the world’s main transit points for sea-borne trade through which oil tankers must pass on their way to the Suez Canal.

27 March 2015


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Aside of the Yemeni situation mentioned above, Greek government ……

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“Bad Credit may be the Best Protection against Identity Theft.

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