Investment Markets Overview — W/E 17th July 2015

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras got everything that he didn’t want from the final meeting with the Troika, which included continued IMF involvement in Greek affairs which he specificity didn’t want, punitive austerity measures now worse than the ones leading up to the referendum, and a more divided nation than ever as much of Greece’s sovereignty is ceded to unelected bureaucrats’ at the Troika for the “extra 30 pieces of silver.” The trade-off appeared to be a further € 80BN facility as long as he could drive through the Greek parliament the new terms within a three day window allowed until Wednesday, which he managed to achieve with a large majority and which allows the Euro to stagger on for a while further yet. Just when you thought that recent events couldn’t provide any more drama and confusion, the IMF popped up at the 11th hour stating that it cannot agree with the Troika terms thrust on Greece last Sunday, of which the IMF was presumably instrumental, saying that the lion’s share of Greek debt is unsustainable and should be written off. The real irony here is that, aside of the fact that the Greek people were never given a vote on adopting the Euro in the first place, these draconian measures are being driven by an unelected IMF, an unelected ECB and an unelected head of the EU.

17 July 2015

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 Amongst the tell-tale signs of China’s burgeoning stock-market bubble were the huge increase in retail “investors,”   ……

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3. UK Money-Suppy V UK PPI
4. Singapore Stocks and Property V GDP
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“Whereas Leverage Fuels the Bubble, It Also Fuels the Bust.

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