Investment Markets Overview — W/E 24th July 2015

Japan’s largest financial news publisher, Nikkei Inc, founded in 1876 and still a privately owned company, has purchased the Financial Times in an agreed deal that saw the pink business daily’s owner, Pearson Plc, trouser a hefty premium with a sale price of £840m. The attraction for Nikkei, which rakes in four-times the FT group sales and allegedly has about 3m subscribers for Japan’s leading business daily, mainly domestic and of which 430,000 are digital subscribers, is the international presence of the FT, which operates in over fifty countries, including 500,000 digital subscribers predominantly achieved by a core tech-savvy team who optimise the online business growth. Despite a one-day jump for the Pearson share price, the price then sold-off suggesting that the sale-price may have been too low. Meanwhile, online operator extraordinaire, Amazon Inc, surprised analysts by announcing a Q215 profit and was rewarded with a 20% jump in its share-price which made the company the world’s largest retailer by market value, albeit that Wal-Mart Stores Inc remains the largest by revenues

24 July 2015

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  As the UK and US markets rewarded the private sector, by way of the FT’s acquisition and Amazon’s stunning 20-year growth story  ……

1.  Indices Weekly
2. US Exsisting Home Price V US New Home Prie
3. UK Asking Home Price V UK Average Home Pice
4. Global Commodities V China GDP
5. Commodity YTD  Moves


13 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

“Size Isn’t Always Good.

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