Investment Markets Overview — W/E 11th September 2015

The people have voted, at least the members of the UK’s opposition Labour Party have, in respect of choosing a new leader following their trouncing at the UK general election held in May of this year. Following a trend evident across Europe in recent years, which has seen a shift to left-wing parties such as Syriza in Greece, Podemos in Spain and Marine Le Pen’s National Front Party, which is dominating across vast areas of France, the Labour membership have voted in veteran “rebel” MP, Jeremy Corbyn. Aged 66 and a member of parliament since 1983, Corbyn has defied the “party whip” under the former UK Labour Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, at least 500 times, which actually begs the question, “is he a rebel or just principled?” Whatever the answer, he has certainly re-invigorated interest in the Labour party, which has seen its membership grow by 370,000 since the leadership contest was announced, and has wrong-footed the book-makers who had given odds of 200-1 against a Corbyn victory. The political landscape is changing fast, despite the warnings from the “old guard and political hacks,” in respect of lack of ministerial experience of the new wannabies, and it’s not just within Europe either, as evident within the American Republican Party’s Presidential contender race, where the controversial real-estate tycoon, Donald Trump, is showing a clean pair of heals to the competition, with no political experience whatsoever. The people are speaking and they want change.

11 Sept 15 .

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 This could be the week for the Fed to actually raise its base rate, according to ……

1.  Indices Weekly
2. US Consumer Credit V S & P 500 Index
3. E-Z 27 New Car Registrations V UK Car Registrations
4. Japan GDP V  Japan Exports
5. Commodity YTD  Moves


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“The Market Leads and the Central Banks Follow.

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