Investment Markets Overview — W/E 11th December 2015

It was announced this week that Gordon Brown, the former UK Prime Minister, has taken up a role on an advisory panel at the global investment management firm, Pimco, owned by the German asset manager Allianz   and formally run by the hugely successful “Bond King,” Bill Gross, until Gross was ousted via an effective coup last year by a posse of other Pimco fund managers, including Dan Ivascyn, Pimco’s current chief investment officer. Commenting on Brown’s appointment, Ivascyn said, “the global advisory board is an unrivalled team of macroeconomic thinkers and former policymakers, including the former US Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, and ECB President, Jean-Claude Trichet, whose insights into the intersection of policy and financial markets will be a valuable input to our investment process,” with the media describing the panel as a group of, “world-renowned experts on economic and political issues.” Those with perhaps longer memories may think of Brown as the man who presided over the sale of the UK’s gold reserves between 1999 and 2002, at an average price of $275oz, a 20-year low, so as to diversify into a basket of currencies, including the “successful” euro. He went on, along with his two “buddies” to preside over the largest debt build-up in history, whose ramifications are still being felt some eight-years after the financial crisis commenced. It’s quite ironic that the three “wise-men” have landed at one of the largest “debt managers” in the world, just as the debt bubble is starting to deflate. Just deserts rather than insight and expertise come to mind.

11 December 2015


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  So there we have it, the worst week for stocks since the August sell-off, a climatic fall of 12% for the price of Oil and a warning by billionaire investor, Carl Icahn that ……

1.  Indices Weekly
2. US Consumer Credit  V US Change in Household Wealth
3. German Exports V German GDP
4. Japan Private Consumption V  Japan Business Investment
5. Commodity YTD  Moves


13 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

“Rising Social Mood defines Inclusionism, Falling Exclusionism.

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This will be the final Investment Market Overview of 2015, returning for the week ending 8th January 2016.

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