Investment Markets Overview — W/E 12th February 2016

So now its “official”, over 40 international stock-markets are in bear markets according to a Bloomberg report, defined as having fallen by 20% or more, with $US17,000,000,000,000 “value” having been vaporised since the middle of last June. The trick, of course, is to anticipate this kind of major change, which is where market analysis such as Elliott Waves and cycle-studies come to the fore. Even better is when these studies are combined with an understanding of Socionomics, a combination of sociology and economics, a hypothesis that mood governs events, which are patterned, rather than the standard presumption that social mood is led by events. The former assisted in the observation made within the 29th January blog posting, “ A Yen for a Loss,” followed this week by, “A Yen for Gold.” One Socionomic observation is the propensity to attack the most successful companies at the peak of collective positive social mood, as evidenced by a long-term peak of rising stock-prices, with the likes of anti-trust suits, think Microsoft back in 2000, or more recently Google, Tesco and Volkswagen. As the collective social mood turns darker, think falling markets, policy-makers and the public at large are queuing up to put the boot-in to Google, particularly over wanting their fair share of “tax-revenue.” Whilst it’s not the job of this column to defend the likes of Google, we do recognise that any company, particularly multi-nationals, have a duty to share-holders to maximise share holder value legally. We have more on this below.

12 February 16

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  Returning to the Google “tax affairs” issue, it was the turn of the UK parliament “public accountscommittee” this week to attempt ……

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“They’re Having a Laugh, Except that It is Not Funny.

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