Investment Markets Overview — W/E 19th February 2016

It is said that politics is, “the art of the possible,” bargaining, negotiating, and yes, compromise, whereas a “polarised society” is described as being divided into sharply opposing factions. A clash of these two ideals over-shadowed the markets this week in the guise of the EU/Brexit summit and within the US race for Presidential contenders. The former concluded in “unanimous support” for the agreement, according to EU President Donald Tusk and the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, giving the UK “special status” within the EU, allegedly enjoying the benefits whilst excluding it from ever closer union, whereas a myriad of sceptics, either political or otherwise, immediately derided it. One opposing voice, UKIP leader Nigel Farage, reminded “that Britain contributes £55m a day to the EU coffers, an institution that hasn’t signed-off its annual accounts for 20 years.” That, perhaps more than anything explains why the rest of the members do not wish to lose the UK. Meanwhile, a polarised US society is increasing its support for the two “extremes” of the two-party race, Democrat contender Bernie Sanders, who continues to score points over Hilary by exposing her extremely close ties with Wall St, or at least its money, whilst “the Donald” appeared to benefit from criticism from none other than the Pope.

19 February 16

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  There are similarities between the current divisions within the UK conservative party over Europe, which ……

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“What goes around comes around.

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