Investment Markets Overview — W/E 22 April 2016

This is an abridged investment market overview, due to travel commitments, returning to normal service next week. Economic data was mixed, such as US housing starts slumping by 8.8% in March whilst existing home sales jumped by 5% in the same month. The ECB left interest rates and stimulus on hold, more to do with the growing divisions within Europe on the effectiveness of negative interest and bond rates, such as the wrecking of pension schemes, than any largesse by dangerous Draghi. Meanwhile, out East, Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi admitted to cheating on fuel economy test results and like Volkswagen saw its share price hammered. Ironically, the Nikkei out-performed despite this news and the growing criticism over Abernomics. The UK saw disappointing March retail sales, its”engine” of economic growth, whilst UK government borrowing for the same month exceeded forecasts, this in a week when the same government had the Gaul to suggest that it would cost each of its citizens £4000+ by 2030 if they voted to leave the EU. Lately, every piece of dire news, economic or otherwise, is blamed on Brexit concerns, including the currency weakness, so in a week when Obama placed his “two-penneth” to the “debate” how do they explain sterling’s 1.4% rise?

22 April 2016

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Additional Commentaries:
•US economic data . . .
•Euro-Zone . . .
•The UK . . .
•Out East . . .
•The $US index . . .
•Within the commodities complex . . .
•Economic data due next week includes . . .

  Economic data due for release next week includes unemployment updates for Japan and the Euro-Zone plus confidence readings for the  ……

1.  Indices Weekly
2. US Consumer Credit V US GDP
3. UK Ave Apart Price V UK Ave House Price
4. Japan Ave Wages V  Japan GDP
5. Commodities Weekly


13 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

“Volatility, the only consistent Central Bank tool.

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