Timing Japan

Japanese stocks, the Yen and gold are topics highlighted year-to-date within these postings, emphasising the relationship between these three asset classes via “A Yen for a Loss” penned in January, “A Yen for Gold” in February, moving on to, “A Yen for a Crash” earlier this month, which summarised as follows:

Keeping it short and simple: Stronger Yen = Lower Stocks & Higher Gold

The home-work appears to be falling on deaf-ears, certainly as far as the Bank of Japan is concerned, as a recent Bloomberg report states that it now holds over half of the nation’s exchange traded funds (ETFs) which are effectively stock-index trackers, making it a top 10 share-holder in about 90% of the Nikkei 225 Stock Average constituents:

29 April 2016

The Bank of Japan, of course, beats to a different drum than serious market analysis, deluding themselves and many others, that they and their counter-parts at the other central banks can really control Mr Market.

One look at the performance and volatility of the Nikkei and the Yen this year confirms that they not only have no control of the markets, it’s just a perception they have created, but they and their legion of followers, many of whom have stewardship over your pension and investments, are about to receive a major wake-up call:

29 April 2016 2

You do not have to be as blind as the central banks and their disciples; in fact you do not even have to do the research in respect of when and where to invest in respect of Japan and the other major regional stock-indices:

The first 100 lucky applicants to contact me are offered a 3-month free of charge access to our “Off the Peg,” service, which covers the main stock-indices of the US, UK, Japan, Europe X the UK, Asia X Japan, and $Gold, including any intra-month signal changes that transpire.









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