Investment Markets Overview — W/E 6th May 2016

We’ll get into the minutia of this week’s economic data shortly, but at first wish to observe a “co-incidence” of events that perhaps have significance in respect of the finance sector, or more pointedly the publics’ attitude towards it. First up is the ECB’s announcement this week to discontinue the production of the Euro’s highest denomination note, the €500, on the non-substantiated claim that “high-denomination bills are used for criminal purposes,” itself a bit rich coming from Draghi who, like other central bank chiefs,’ preside over the largest “Ponzi Schemes” in history. There have been similar suggestions for the Swiss Franc 1000 note, which has seen a huge demand by a growing band of sceptics on the safety, or otherwise, of the banking system and who also have concerns over the “negative interest rate” policies of late. Next up is the Chinese authorities recognition of the potential social unrest due to the spate of recent failures of investment firms and lenders, put bluntly as the collapse of 1000 online lenders and fraud at a growing number of wealth management firms, as evidenced by their ordering many of these surviving firms to break their leases and cover their shop-fronts, again ironic given that the Chinese government have been encouraging these firms to provide loans to small businesses that can no longer obtain credit through the traditional banking system. This is continued below.

   6 May 16 2 .

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Additional Commentaries:
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 Returning to the earlier comment in respect of the finance within Europe and China and to which we can also add the US, by way of the long-flagged default on  ……

1.  Indices Weekly
2. US Average Wages V US Non-Farm Payrolls
3. E-Z Retail PMI V E-Z Retail Sales
4. OZ Household Debt to Incomes V  OZ Mortgage Debt
5. Commodities Weekly


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“Save us from the career politician or bureaucrat as they can only theorise about life.

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