Investment Markets Overview — W/E 27th May 2016

With less than a month to go before the UK Brexit vote, the “stay in” gang, led by PM Cameron, ratcheted-up the scare tactics by stating that an exit the EU vote will guarantee a UK recession within a year , falling house prices, a weaker currency and 0.5m lost jobs, failing to suggest that IF the electorate votes to stay in then half of the number of MPs should be sacked as they are “surplus to requirements,” as the decisions are increasingly made in Brussels. Unfortunately for Cameron, or more importantly, fortunately for the electorate, should they choose to listen, his best mate and political adviser, Steve Hilton, called for the UK to leave, stating that “no-one really knows” what the economic impact would be, adding: “It’s clearly ridiculous to claim that it’s settled in either direction; there are risks whatever we do.” He appears to be equally honest in his assessment that the EU had “become so complicated, so secretive, so impenetrable that it’s way beyond the ability of any British government to make it work to our advantage“. Much of the “analysis and forecasts,” trotted out have emerged from the Institute of Fiscal Studies, an allegedly independent, non-political think-tank, on whom we have further comment below. In the meantime, a decade and more experience of following Bloomberg’s very extensive global economic data surveys consistently shows that in excess of 90% of the consensus forecasts are wrong and at times wildly wrong.

27 May 2016

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  The Institute of Fiscal studies, the IFS, was founded by four financial professionals in 1969, after four years ……

1.  Indices Weekly
2. US Durable Goods Orders V US GDP
3. UK Govt Expenditure V Private & Business
4. Japan Inports V Japan Exports
5. Commodities Weekly


13 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

“Pay the Piper and the Piper Will Play You a Tune.

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