Investment Markets Overview — W/E 3rd June 2016

It was Bill Clinton who, in the lead-up to the 1992 presidential election, said “It’s the Economy, Stupid,” pointing out its obvious effect and therefore the No 1 priority to Mr and Mrs America, since when political leaders and/or wannabee leaders of all stripes have played the “economy card” ruthlessly, whether by telling the truth, or more frequently of late, distorting facts or telling out and out porky’s. As reminded within our latest blog, it will likely depend on the UK stock-market leading up to their EU referendum day, reminding that the “1973 In Vote,” was during a collective optimistic mood phase, following a roaring bull market, whereas “now,” the collective social mood has turned increasingly negative, accompanied by a moribund stock-market and faltering economic data. PM Cameron and the Brexit “stay camp” appear to be at the point of recognition that their campaign of scare-mongering on the economy, or at least its carefully-crafted and distorted propaganda of the economy, is actually angering the electorate, as evident from the first of a series of live TV debates and a closing within the latest opinion polls on voter intentions. The electorate have made it crystal-clear, if the political machine(s) would care to listen, that whilst the economy is important, of far more concern to them currently is the ever increasing loss of control to Brussels on a rafter of issues, including uncontrolled immigration.

Meanwhile, the “shock US employment report,” of Friday, the weakest in 5-years, certainly shook up the various asset classes, which we discuss further below:

 3 June 2016 3

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  Returning to “Brexit,” the “stay gang” appear to be increasingly desperate as Chancellor George Osborne roped in JPMorgan Chase  ……

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