Investment Markets Overview — W/E 8th July 2016

 Politics had another topsy-turvy week and not just within the UK, albeit that it was eventful enough as the five Tory leader hopefuls were thinned down to two, leaving Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom to battle it out between now and early September when the Conservative membership decide, battle being the operative word as it soon became apparent that the fairer-sex can be just as bitchy as the men. UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage announced his resignation as the party leader although he will see-out his two years remaining as an MEP, to “ensure no back-sliding on the UK’s exit,” whilst the OZ incumbent, Malcolm Turnbull, took a whole week to cobble together another coalition government with the nation as polarised as the UK and most of Europe, both politically and within their respective electorates. Meanwhile, in the US Democrat nominee Hillary appears to be as teflon-plated as hubby Bill, as the FBI refused to prosecute her with any crimes over her use of a private email server while secretary of state and despite evidence suggesting that she was extremely careless in her handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.

The financial markets had another volatile week, with any bad economic news blamed on brexit, which is covered within the latest blog here whilst the main focus of concern is now aimed at Italian banks, which hold some $US360BN of non-performing loans.

8 July 2016 WE

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Four former Barclays traders were served jail sentences this week, ranging from three to six years, after being convicted of rigging the Libor rate ……

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