Investment Markets Overview — W/E 29th July 2016

The “unacceptable face of capitalism,” was a term accorded in 1973 to “Tiny Rowland,” the flamboyant boss of mining conglomerate Lonro, by the then UK Prime Minister Edward Heath. Rowland was accused of making decisions without consulting the board, dismissing non-executive directors as “Christmas tree decorations,” whereas it was more to do with Rowland breaching British-led UN sanctions against Rhodesia, imposed after its PM Ian Smith had declared an “un-official” independence from the UK. The term re-emerged this week within scathing reports into the collapse of the 88 year-old high street retail chain BHS, by the UK Parliamentary “business” and “work and pensions” committees, aimed at BHS former boss, Sir Philip Green. There have been acres of news print covering this story so there is not much point in repetition, but it is rather ironic that during the same week the UK’s newly installed Premier, Teresa May, decided to “freeze/delay” any final decision on the largest tax-payer funded project in British history, the Hinckley Point power plant, allegedly without any consultation with her board, better know as the cabinet or UK Government.

The financial markets had much to contend with this week, including monetary policy meetings at the Fed and the bank of Japan. We have further comment on these and much more below:

29 July 2016 WE


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Additional Commentaries:
•US economic data . . .
•Euro-Zone . . .
•The UK . . .
•Out East . . .
•The $US index . . .
•Within the commodities complex . . .
•Economic data due next week includes . . .

   It was the turn of the Democrats to anoint Hillary Clinton as their Presidential nominee this week and they did so with gusto, as speaker after speaker ……

1.  Indices Weekly
2. US Non-Revolving Credit V US GDP
3. E-Z  Unemployment V E-Z  & EU27 Consumer Conf
4. Japan Trade Balance V  Japan Imports & Exports
5. Commodities Weekly


13 Indices, 11 columns of detailed information, for accurate analysis

“It is hard to be shocked by the moral depravity of some of our leaders, but.

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