Trump Card Busted??

The 3rd March 2016 “Trump Card” overview commenced with the following:

Last week’s commentary, “Brexit, Socionomically Thinking,” observed that collective social mood will decide the referendum, with the UK’s FTA-All Share stock-index being the best “barometer” of the country’s collective social mood. The article confirmed why we look to the charts, as charts never lie! They do a pretty good job on analysing the collective social mood, and to a student of Socionomics, mood governs events, so charts are a very useful tool. The actual politics can be irrelevant!

I then looked at the “Trump Phenomena,” that was sweeping across America, as billionaire businessman “the Donald” was far ahead in winning the Republican Party nomination to stand for the presidential election in November of this year.

Trump of course went on to win the Republican nomination and even belatedly received the endorsement of House Speaker, Paul Ryan, albeit that the endorsement was reversed this week as Trump’s campaign appears to be in meltdown following a decade-old video-clip which surfaced showing “the Donald” bragging about groping women. A subsequent poll by NBC News and the WSJ showed Clinton leading Trump by nine percentage points with many commentators saying that it’s a done deal, Clinton will win.

Although it is less than a month until the 8th November polling day, who really knows, particularly when there appears to still be so much damaging revelations that can be made against Hillary. In fact the latest poll, courtesy of The New York Times of earlier today, shows that the gap has narrowed once more:


The March article observed that in practice it’s the collective social mood of the country, as identified by its main stock-indices, that decides on “inclusionism,” we and us, or “exclusionism,” us and them, with the former evident during a rising market / positive collective social mood and the latter during a falling market / negative collective social mood, with the latter also opening up a polarised society from which “alternative” politicians appear, such as Trump, UKIP and the French Front Nationale, the list goes on.

So let us look to the charts, in particular the Dow Jones Industrial Average, perhaps the most watched stock-index in the world and the barometer of America’s collective social mood:


Despite the post-brexit spike, the Dow is rolling over once again, with our pink sell signal appearing twice of late, so trump may not be busted quite yet.












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