Investment Markets Overview — W/E 14th October 2016

$US152,000,000,000,000… the official global debt load according to the IMF and is at unprecedented proportions, at 225% of World GDP, having doubled over the 8-years since the financial crisis. Oh, and that’s within the non-financial sector only, says the IMF, without providing the figure if one includes the banks and the myriad of other “shadow-banking” entities that lurk out there today. Meanwhile, the world’s largest central banks have expanded their debt by $21.4TR this year, a 10.4% growth rate since the end of 2015, whilst for the fiscal year 2016, the US Federal budget deficit has widened by 33% over the past year to $587BN, according to a Bloomberg article, which goes on to report that the Congressional Budget Office expects it to reach $1.24TR by 2026, with the total US Federal debt exceeding $23TR by then, which would equate to more than $65,000 for every American, children included.

The currency-markets are factoring in a “slam-dunk” for Hillary on the 8th November US Presidential election outcome, which appear to agree with the opinion polls. Whilst it’s certainly looks to be a done-deal, our latest blog, “Trump Card Busted,” reminds that he may not be busted quite yet.


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  As the global debt pile goes exponential, the so called “stewards of financial integrity,” the key central bankers’, allowed a glimmer of collective smiles this week, due to a recent uptick in inflation ……

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                               “Does anyone look at the Facts anymore?

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