Investment Markets Overview — W/E 11th November 2016

Rout…to defeat an enemy completely and force them to run away, according to one dictionary’s definition, was certainly a fitting word for “The Donald’s” showing at the US Presidential election. As with the UK’s Brexit referendum, the turn out was huge, plus a silent majority voted for him but didn’t want to admit it, which is where the surprise was sprung and fooled both the pollsters’ and the media. Not only did the Republicans win the White House but they now control both the House of Representatives and the Senate. With Trump now set to be the 45th President of the United States, the first since Eisenhower’s 1952 election of someone with zero political experience, it would appear that the Clinton’s days in front-line politics have ended, particularly if even 10% of the alleged wrong doing swirling around the internet is correct. It is too early yet to formulate Trump’s main objectives, suffice to say that he appears to surround himself with talented people so that offers hope for the future, assuming of course that they are not all “yes men.” In a way perhaps we are going full circle in politics, where self-made individuals wish to put something back into the system rather than the past few decades’ trend of the many entering politics to become wealthy. Trump obviously recognises that the army of bureaucrats within the public sector, including the myriad of quangos’ that are part of it, need to be culled, as aside of acting as a major “drag anchor” on the economy, they have been standing on the shoulders of the productive part of the economy, extracting the latter’s diminishing wealth to finance their increasingly unaffordable remuneration packages and in particular their final salary pension schemes. The question is, will recognition turn into action?

It’s been another very volatile week for the financial markets, with the winners being mainly within certain stock-markets, despite the initial swoon as the election result became clear, whilst the losers have been within the perceived safe areas of Sovereign debt and the precious metals space. Aside of finance, another notable event of the week was the sad passing of singer-songwriter, Leonard Cohen, to whom I pay homage for his remarkable timing, Socionomically, to markets, which you may wish to read here.



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  So, there we have it, a further blow against the liberal elite by the silent majority, who feel worried, angry, concerned and ignored……

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