Investment Markets Overview — W/E 9th December 2016

The CIA…were put in their place this week, as their claims that Russia helped Trump win the election, was rebuffed by “the Donald,” who said, “are these the same people who said that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction?” Talking of “WMD” the British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, was slapped-down by his boss, PM Teresa May, for having the honesty of criticising certain mid-east states for their “(ab)use of arms,” sold to them in ever greater numbers by the UK Government and the gang of five which was commented on by this overview last week. Meanwhile, the second female British Prime Minister in history concentrated on more important issues, such as a slanging match over her £1000 leather trousers against the £1000 handbag of sacked ex-minister Nicky Morgan, whilst Boris sensibly turned down a request of ever more millions from the former war-loving PM, Blair, who apparently requires extra tax-payer funded protection as he jets around the middle-east and other trouble spots, making matters worse.

For the markets, stocks had a great week, with Euro-land outperforming and led by the 6% jump for the German Dax. The Oil price digested its recent gains whilst the Precious Metals found little traction. It was another painful week for bond holders, as sovereign debt yields spiked higher, in the US and UK 10-year case by a respective 3% and 5% and paving the way for a US rate-hike next week and perhaps also for the UK, just as property prices are starting to crack:



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This is a truncated overview with a return to normal for next week, a week which should be interesting for not just the US and the UK on interest rates, but also for a heavy data week for Japan and China, particularly on the debt front.



                “Bullish Equity Sentiment Extremes and Rapidly Rising Interest Rate = ?”

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