Investment Markets Overview — W/E 20th January 2017

“World Economic Forum”…. Is a Swiss non-profit foundation set up in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, a German engineer and economist, and whose motto is, “Committed to improving the state of the world.”  The WEF, held annually at Davos, has morphed into big business as corporate membership stands at $595,000, plus revenue from “partnerships,” the corporations and consulting firms that take centre-stage, was allegedly up by 25% this year according to a Bloomberg report. It’s become a “must be at” event for large corporate bosses to network, a conduit for politicians to express their outlook and plans and for mere “onlookers” an opportunity to feel the collective social mood of the global elite. One shouldn’t be too surprised to identify the level of uncertainty at this year’s event with the recent geo-political events, nor to the reluctance of the elite to give predictions, when in the main they were so spectacularly wrong on Brexit and Trump last year. British input, in the guise of PM May and Chancellor Hammond, were among the stand-out keynote speeches, at last offering more clarity on their plans ex-EU, whilst China, with the largest delegation present, used the opportunity to show a more human side to the international perception of many, reminding that they are part of the global village, they wish for a harmonious relationship with their neighbours and wish to trade globally. It is worth reminding that whilst China is “technically” a communist state, it is no longer a communist ideology. As private industry and personal wealth has exploded, China is now capitalist in nature and desire, with the added benefit that they “think cyclically” rather than the West’s “linear thinking” trait.

 Politics certainly dominated the markets this week, with un-certainty being the key word over-shadowing them, the wider world including Davos:


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 As “the Donald” stepped into the hot-seat as the 45th President of the United States of America, he confirmed his acknowledgement that the states are anything but “united,” using his brief ……

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