Investment Markets Overview — W/E 10th March 2017

Old Mother Hubbard……went to the cupboard, to fetch her poor dog a bone, and when she arrived there, the cupboard was bare, and so the poor dog had none! Now replace cupboard with “Exchequer or Treasury and dog with “the populations of ALL G7 nations,” and you will start to understand the real dilemma of today. For decades, politicians of all stripes have deluded themselves and their electorates into believing that “social security and services” are either free and/or will be fully funded, conveniently remaining mute that this can only be via higher taxes or by debt loaded onto the electorate. The UK budget presented this week suggests the use of other metaphors’, such as “behind the curtain,” and “the emperor has no clothes,” as British Chancellor Philip Hammond effectively admitted that not only is the cupboard bare but there is an awful lot of debt, to the tune of £260,000 per UK citizen, that needs to be both serviced and ideally repaid, hence his controversial stealth tax loaded onto the self-employed by way of National Insurance contributions. Furthermore, it heightens the mis-trust of politicians, already at record levels, and in this case the political party who advocate entrepreneurship.

Our “knowledge share” of earlier this week, “Countdown to the Showdown,” is a particularly timely observation, as “the Dow has romped higher since last summer despite an 80% surge in the 10-year Treasury Bond Yield,” with the 80% surge having moved ever higher this week:

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