Investment Markets Overview — W/E 24th March 2017

Italy……the birthplace of the “Treaties of Rome,” which ushered in the European Economic Community, also labelled as the “Common Market,” is a fitting place for the great and the good of the now “European Bureaucratic Monster” to celebrate its 60th anniversary this weekend. Originally attended in Rome on the 25th March 1957 by representatives from Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany, its initial objectives were to integrate trade and strengthen economies, but its main underlying political objective was for a political union of the member states, ruled by the unelected bureaucracy with the subservient parliaments and institutions kow-towing to it, only they forgot to tell its citizens of this political objective. They actually managed to achieve great strides towards their political plan, expanding from six to 28 member states along the way, partially due to deceit, bribes and lies about the true objectives, but more to do with the positive collective social mood which coincided with the huge member expansion and introduction of the €uro in the late 1990s. Unfortunately for the master-planners, the collective social mood turned negative in early 2000, as evidenced by the “blocs” Eurostoxx stock-index, since when tensions have risen between north and south and more latterly between east and west. The leaders will put on a united front at the celebrations, despite the deep divisions among many EU member states including the host country which is struggling under a huge debt load.

Market-wise it was an uncertain week for financial assets, as the closely watched S&P 500 stock-index ended a 110-day streak of ultra low volatility of no losses exceeding 1%. The financial media “talking-heads” blamed it on the Obamacare reversal vote and/or the London terror attack whilst in reality it was nothing to do with these as our mid-week knowledge-share article explained. Follow the link to read, it’s free and is informative:

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 The EU elite may have allowed themselves a few brief days of relief following the Dutch elections but that will have ended this week as the anti-EU and anti-€uro Marine Le Pen  ……

1.  Indices Weekly
2. US New Home Sales V US Existing Home Sales
3. UK House Price Index V UK House Price Annualised % Perf
4. OZ House Prices Y on Y V OZ House Prices Q on Q
5. Commodities Weekly


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                     “Uncertainty, the Bain of the markets” 

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